Founded in 2006, MODA is a fashion-based entertainment and marketing company that promotes fashion in Second Life with the purpose of providing quality creative content that can be enjoyed both in virtual and in real life.MODA Productions is a multi-facted team of talented builders, managers and artists. MODA Productions is known for producing daring and innovative fashions shows in Second Life. We believe that if we can think it, we can do it.



MODA Productions challenges virtual limitations by producing Second Life fashion shows with absolute precision encompassing all aspects of virtual entertainment using visual, sound, motion and architecture to entertain market and enlighten our clients and our audiences.

MODA works with designers and fashion models to promote themselves using a combination of skill, showmanship and education making MODA the leading edge in fashion entertainment. Through MODA FASHION IMAGE CONSULTANT services we assist in fashion show production and have a staff of experienced scriptwriters, the best-trained fashion models in Second Life, host DJ live stream, coaches, and more.



In addition, MODA Fashion Image Consultants offers personal image consulting. A one-on-one service for dedicated to providing you affordable services and individual style solutions to fit your budget.  Whether you are a newcomer, or want to improve your look, we have the program for you. 

Our expert consultants are well regarded and educated in the fashion and beauty industry.  Our services range from makeover, fashion advice, color analyses, body shaping, photoshoots as well as styling sessions and access to a personal shopper.



Productions is responsible for the MODA Fashion Spotlight team of elite models which produced and performed over 150 episodes of the MODA Fashion Spotlight show from 2007 to 2011. In 2011, the MODA Fashion Primetime Show is well on its way to even further success. MODA is the recipient of the 2007 Second Life Cable Network Award for Extraordinary Achievement. MODA Productions is comprised of six leadership partners and three teams of over 75 fashion models and students.

MODA Productions is proud of its long track record with MODA Modeling School, established in 2006. MODA Modeling School has been the leader in fashion industry standards for models and produced some of the longest working and professional models on the grid today.

While our mission is to provide a safe and exciting learning environment for fashion marketing and production professionals, AND individuals. We enjoy the ambition of introducing tangible products to the realm of virtual marketing, education and entertainment.


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