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A Study of Skins

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Sep 132011

Probably one of my least favorite things to do is shop for new skins. For one thing, they are expensive, and the other, it’s hard! There is so much to consider when looking for a skin and what looks cute on the box doesn’t always look the same way on me because it’s fresh from Photoshop and probably has different lighting and shape that I do. So before buying a new skin I have a little formula that I use.

First, I define the purpose. Is this for a special outfit or occasion? Is this for print modeling or for runway? or is this for machinima? Is this for everyday wear? Each has its own requirements. If it’s a special outfit, I may be looking for certain features in the makeup or color. For print modeling I would want exquisite detail in the shading with a soft light rather than hard. For runway I would want excellent shading and shadowing in addition to strong makeup options and for machinima modeling, there is a certain quality in a skin that either rezzes or it doesn’t, and the hue has to be completely neutral. For me it’s usually just an over everyday look that want to change because I so rarely model anymore, so what I want is something that looks real enough to be likeable, soft enough to make me feel young again but with loads of makeup so I don’t have to keep putting those tattoo layers on all the time. Then I’ll go collect demo’s from everyone and take pictures. They all have to be in the same skin tone, the same lighting, no prims attached and with a plain background. That way when I do compare, it’s a fair judgement.

The example I have here is from my own inventory. Sometimes that’s the best place to go shopping since I often end up with a lot of unopened inventory at the end of the day, week or even a year.

These photos were all taken using the same pose, camera angle and everything so I can actually see the difference between them. Here’s the list of skins shown above, and a poll widget so you get to vote on which skin you would like to see me in:

  • 1 – Styles by Kira “Willow”
  • 2 – .ploom.  “Maia”
  • 3 – [LAQ]  “Trisha”
  • 4 – {essence} “Alessa”