Aug 252011

Join us for this exciting episode of the MODA Fashion Primetime show and you will take a ride to to the sunny shores of Hawaii and beyond. Designer Shinichi Mathy of Shiki Designs has adorned our models in cool liquid fabrics with bold designs in brilliant Summer colors that make you feel alive!

Shiki Designs features fashions for men and for women that take you from the beach to the cocktail party in the styles that you deserve.

Jun 082011

Sonatta Morales brings us back in time with her “Influential & Inspiring Vintage Haute Couture.” Her fashions are exclusive and elegant designs from 1920s, 1930s, 1940s and 1950s, including finely crafted formal gowns and glamorous daytime dresses, retro style hair and accessories

What Sonatta calls wierd couture, what we call wonderful…vintage at it’s best.

The MODA Spotlight models present for the first time ever Sonatta Morales’ new collection: The Garden Party. This collection brings you the glamour and fantasy of a party in three moments day, early evening and night.All dresses are reinterpretations of the strong lines of the 1940s and the luxury and glamour of the 1950s vintage haute couture.

To achieve that influential and inspiring vintage look, visit the Sonatta Morales store to see for yourself this amazing line and abundant selection of vintage glam fashions and hairstyles, and don’t forget to join the Sonata group to keep up with the latest news and releases.

You can visit the Sonata Morales blog for more details about this designer and to see what’s new, or in this case, what’s vintage and beautiful.


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Mar 162011

The Spotlight models were asked to show you some of their personal favorite outfits from their private collections.  Models have a LOT of clothes!  One of the most common reasons models do what they do is because they love to model and, they LOVE the fashion.  With wardrobes the size of the Superdome, how do they decide what to wear when they’re not on stage?  Watch here and you’ll find out what the Spotlight models are saying about that.

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Nov 302010

Kimber Kassner debuts as co-host with Harlee Lane for this evening’s episode of MODA Fashion Spotlight featuring a stunning fusion of formal activewear by Paris Zsun of Paris Metro.

Paris Metro can be described as apparel for a post modern world; a blend of high performance fabrics twisted into an evening gown “because we know you are beautiful and busy in every world.” Imagine a gown of surfwear or one merging leather and sheer nylon. Paris Metro is Exquisite high style with a uniqueness all its own.

Be sure to visit the Paris Metro store, which feels more like a magical art museum than a clothing store. While you’re there, take the time to wander outside the doors to a new carnival park, and ride the carousel in you new Paris Metro gown. Don’t forget to join the Paris Metro Update Group so you can receive free group gifts and get the very latest fashion updates.

Here’s another tip: Go the the third floor and check the designer’s desk. She usually has a suprise free gift waiting to be discovered.

Nov 242010

MODA Spotlight presents the lastest fashions of Adrianna Marquez, creator of A&K Designs. Established in 2006, A&K Designs was built from a simple dream of designing creations in this competitive pixelated world of fashion. Watch and you will see some delicious, frothy boudior confections, some goth-and-girly sexy wear, and a costume that will bring out your inner child.

At A&K Designs you will find a wide variety of styles, including footwear and costumes for both women and men, at fantastic prices.

You can see the latest updates by Adrianna Marquezon the A&K Designs Website, but you will want to visit the A&K Designs store to fully experience Adrianna’s work.  Remember to check out the costume room, which is filled with wonderful fashions from whimsical to formal, to the more daring and sexy.  While you are there, join the A&K Designs group for upcoming news, new releases and exclusive freebies.