Apr 212010

Fantasy Faire 2010 is a 9-sim event featuring everything “fantasy” that Second Life can possibly imagine. From Vampire, to Fairy, to the beautiful mermaids, there seems to be a bit of something for every imaginable, or unimaginable lifestyle. As fundraisers go, Fantasy Faire is the most fantastic!

I went there specifically to visit the Mer Market sim, which is sponsored by Opal Lei of Mer Betta.  Yes, Opal is one of Spotlight’s most talented models, but she is also the creator of the most beautiful and original Mertails!   Mer Betta recently announced its “Series 5 tails” will be exclusive to this event until April 23rd, when it ends. Opal also created a beautiful tail just for Fantasy Faire 2010.

In addition to Mertails, Mer Betta is focusing on clothing for mermaid lovers.  Her Merkini and Bettakini sets are being released for the first time at Fantasy Faire 2010, and I had the pleasure of wearing one tonight.

I was looking for the perfect place to take a picture, which is not easy here.  This sim is full of beautiful backdrops. I was not having any success getting close to the mermaid statues  so I tried posing with the pelicans near the pond. After several attempts to balance on the rocks while focusing, I just could not seem to sit still.  i just needed to get in a little closer… adjust the lighting… move the prims aournd…

I was adjusting a pose when suddenly I looked around and saw only darkness. Once the haze lifted, I realized I had fallen into the pond and it was deeper than I thought! It was a store in a sea garden with jellyfish and sea horses frolicking in undersea flowerbeds lit by the reflecting moonlight. I forgot all about the mermaid statues and did my posing right here.

I am wearing the Mer Betta Merkini with the sculpted sarong option. This outfit comes with several layer options as well to make it more versatile than the average bikini. The colors and prims are modifiable, which I love! And to make it even better, this outfit is part of Mer Betta’s Relay For Life series.  This outfit is generously packaged with the Conch and Leather Bracelet and Armband set.

Please visit Fantasy Faire 2010 while you still can and be sure to have a look at Mer Betta.

SLURL:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Dunbeath/160/170/10

I’ll see you there!

~ Juju ~

Apr 062010
Fido2 This week we did something a little bit different. In addition to showing the unique sophistication of Fido’s newest creations, we mixed and matched with the daring designs of GaNKeD Jewelry. Together they made quite a scene on the Spotlight stage. You don’t want to miss this!
”Babyblue Babydoll”
”Orchid Deco”
”Banana Babydoll”
”Hello Yellow”
Rochelle Randt
“Keylime Babydoll”
“Pink Daisy”
”Golden Frond”

A Special thank you to Misti Merryman, creator of GaNKeD Jewelry for providing accessories for our models! ganked
”Pink Flower”
”White Pepper”
Liane Maertens
”Blue Black”
”Sequin blue”
“Chocolate Dot”
“Moch Tiffany”
”Blue Belted”
”Salmon Tiffany”
Apr 012010

RFLsm It was a magical evening when Nyte Vargas told the team she needed  to schedule a special event with MODA and Relay for Life clothing Fair – at the last minute.  I could hear the moment of silence from the models as they prepared for me to tell them no, we have no time.  When I said “yes, we can make this happen,” they came alive.  The entire team came alive.  This was the opportunity we had all been hoping for.  Nyte took charge with the designers, making certain they were compliant with the unique requirements of Spotlight.  The rest of the modeling team, headed by Lovis timeless, made sure the writing was finished, the wardrobe was perfect and the models were ready.  They all wanted this to be amazing, and it was.

You can watch the archive here:

After the show, Nyte challenged the models to enter the RFL clothing Fair photography contest.  I tried and failed, as patience and styling are admittedly not my primary talents.  Two of our models, however, did come up with some interesting pics, and they had a lot of fun doing it:

Gamp LoveK
Gamp Lane Love Kawaguichi

Nyte and Harlee hosted the show along with Nevar Lobo and Amethyst Starostin, the founders and organizers of the Relay for Life Clothing Fair.  We learned a lot about the event and even more about the people who participated.

After the show I said something about how much I loved that wedding gown by Bastchild & Lapointe, but was not going to get married just to wear it.  Next thing I knew it was in my inventory.  Of course I had to put it on and go pose somewhere!


A very wonderful time was had by all and we look forward to doing more with Relay For Life Clothing Fair for next year.  Meanwhile, here is a reminder of the designers we were able to highlight on our show.  I wish we could have had them all!


Caliber Designs
Nyre Gray
Sinful Pleasures
Arabella Cinquetti
Dana Vanmoer
”Lilac Wedding Gown“
”White Wedding Gown“
JariCat Fashions
Constanza Amsterdam
”RFL 2010”
”USA Urban”
Caliber Designs
Nyre Gray
”My Tierny – Lust”
”My Tierney – Passion”
Lapointe & BastChild Designs
Paul Lapointe & BastChild Lotus
”S’’Wear Urbanwear”
”Morbid Exotique“
Kariwanz Felisimo
”Eileen Tuxedo”
Nyte Vargas
”Cotton Candy“
”Gothic Elegance”
Aradhana Voight
House of Rfyre
Raven Pennyfeather
Mar 222010

In case you didn’t already know, MODA is in the business of training models. Training models is our primary focus, and that is what we do better than anyone else.

The fashion industry is serious business, especially when Lindens turn to dollars or Euro, for fashion designers, that is.  For shoppers, fashion is an obsession. As clothing wearing people, we take pride in the way we look, we dress the way we feel, or want to feel, and we change clothes often. Ok, I don’t change clothes often but believe it or not, I am not stuck on fashion. My focus is on the business end of fashion.  I change clothes about every two or three weeks or whenever I see something I really must have.

Let’s talk about that for just a moment.  Being that nothing is really one of a kind fashion in Second Life, what inspires me to finally change clothes; to spend lindens on something new, and precious time on styling it?  What I look for summed up in two words:  unique and quality. My time is valuable so I won’t waste it styling something I think is second rate work. It can be expensive or not, but it has to be perfectly orchestrated, original and different.  It has to scream “amazing!” Q


The same goes for my business. I hold MODA to the same high standards as I do fashion

designers and fashion agencies. I expect them to develop their own unique look and to exploit it well. I demand quality in every way. Starting from the basics, I expect a positive, confident attitude I EXPECT
that is kind toward others yet strong with healthy boundaries.  I expect adults, not children, so the term drama is vague and is strictly not allowed. I expect our models to be finely fitted

down to the minute details and I expect a perfect performance every single moment. Performance on the runway is well rehearsed and perfectly executed. Performance backstage is prepared and calm. Performance after the show is cordial, professional and inviting. Performance as a MODA model is dependable, nurturing and considerate at all times. I ask for a lot, and I get it, because that is my business. MODA is my passion, and training models is what we do.

The fashion industry is serious business, especially when Lindens turn to dollars or Euro, for fashion designers, that is.

Here’s how it works:

Out of a hundred or so applicants to MODA Modeling School,  a handful will be selected to join our modeling school.  Criteria for acceptance is based on research, reputation and sometimes interviews.
From the beginning we ask for dedication to learning.

  • We make it clear exactly how that translates in terms of time, effort and money for each student to achieve graduation.
  • We tell people in advance that perfection is not something you can get from wearing a HUD or listening to lectures.
  • We don’t allow fancy shortcuts, so students either understand it now, or they continue working with us until we know they understand it.
  • We understand that life does get in the way sometimes and classes have to be postponed, and we understand that for some, rules are meant to be broken and that quitting happens.

However, in every class, there are always those few who persevere and graduate looking, acting and working like MODA-trained models; educated and groomed to perfection.

What’s Next:

MODA graduates are automatically eligible to work on any of our non-televised fashion events. They are eligible to work at MODA as mentors, print models, graphic designers, assistants and many other capacities, based on their interests and what MODA needs. MODA graduates are also eligible to apply for a place on the MODA Fashioin Spotlight team.

S p o t l i g h t  m o d e l s  a r e  e l i t e

Spotlight is not intended for the meek, nor for the unrehearsed or lazy. Spotlight models are elite not because they are on television each week, or because they are specifically trained to do live film work. Spotlight models are available, dedicated and active in the modeling community. They work under constant pressure, and they work as a team. They are dedicated to providing the best in entertainment, in showmanship and modeling perfection, week after week. Each is trained to be a leader should the need arise. Each model is trained in ways to improvise in case of emergency. There are no “re-takes” or do-overs on Spotlight so knowing what to do and being able to do it, no matter what, is an absolute requirement. That is why Spotlight models are elite.

Training elite models requires a strong and dedicated team. The MODA team has worked together for more than three years and we make it our mission to provide the quality training methods and experience that we know our students expect from us. Our experiences over the years have taught us many lessons about working with virtual teams, fashion agencies and designers, and real models. We have learned how to meet our own high standards, and we have learned how to set them higher. We understand that we will never know it all and that we are still learning from our students and from our work. As technology improves and lags our systems, our pocketbooks and our time, we know that our job is never truly done.

We also know that we train the best.

If you are interested in attending MODA Modeling School, our next session begins in April/May 2010. You can visit us in SL or you can fill out the form here. If accepted, you will receive an invitation in-world, to join the MODA Modeling Students Group. This is a private group where you can find out what’s going on at MODA, and when your classes will start. You will be required to attend the Introduction to MODA meeting. Time and date for that will be announced only in the MODA Modeling Student Group.
Oct 262009

Designer Cherry Cheever is amazed and humbled at the success of DollyRock and the loyalty and kindness of her customers many of whom are now friends. The DollyRock Diva group, now on Subscribe-o-matic, has almost 8,000 members and is growing every day. Join the group for the all the latest news, releases and bargains.

Shelby Robbiani
Love Kawaguichi
Opal Lei

Kimber Kassner
Amariah Francis
Rhiannalynn Lane
Harlee Lane
Nyte Vargas
Modeling Coach
Lovis Timeless
Creative Director
Yxes Delacroix
Designer Liaison
Liane Maerten
Wardrobe Coordinator
Calveen Kline