Sep 062011

The edgy new designs of Tatanka Kaligawa demand an elaborate backdrop and the deserve the extra attention as they individually make a bold statement on the runway, so we took the fashions of Mea Culpa to a whole new metaverse on the [NV] MADworld sim. Brilliant colors and powerful lines breathe life into these ethnic inspired designs. The creations of Mea Culpa are nothing less than breathtaking works of art in motion.

Watch as Harlee and Raine interview Tatanka Kaligawa, creator of Mea Culpa and host your way through this entirely exciting new episode of the MODA Fashion Primetime Show on Metamix TV.

We would like to thank designer Tatanka Kaligawa for joining us live on this episode and another very special thank you to sim creator Isiss Bade for allowing us to share this beautiful place at [NV] MADworld with you. If you haven’t already, we invite you to visit this magical place for yourself and take some time to look around at this whimsical beautiful world

And while you’re shopping, you won’t want to miss the magic of Mea Culpa, where fashion is more than just the clothing you wear. The experience will lure you into a breathtaking new world of Haute Couture and high fashion.


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Aug 252011

Join us for this exciting episode of the MODA Fashion Primetime show and you will take a ride to to the sunny shores of Hawaii and beyond. Designer Shinichi Mathy of Shiki Designs has adorned our models in cool liquid fabrics with bold designs in brilliant Summer colors that make you feel alive!

Shiki Designs features fashions for men and for women that take you from the beach to the cocktail party in the styles that you deserve.

Aug 232011


Join our hosts Harlee Lane and Rain McCellan and the gorgeous men of MODA as the work the streets on the runway at The Mens 24 2011. The Mens 24 event takes place August 19th-27th from the creators of Menswear Fashion Week, Siren Productions. 24 talented and ambitious menswear designers are celebrating all things related to the men of Second Life. The Mens 24 event features some of the most popular and creative designers with limited edition exclusive outfits, skins, accessories, and hair.


Jul 262011

The MODA Fashion Primetime models are wearing a little bit of everything this evening from fabulous costumes to wedding gowns, and lots of gorgeous tuxedos from fashion designer Greenie Lane, of G&T Creations. The ensembles include entire outfits with matching shoes and wonderfully detailed accessories.

G&T Creations is the store for the avatar that knows what class is. You can also see what’s new by visiting G&T Creations online.


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Jul 192011

So, what’s really new at MODA?  Well, one look at the NEW  logo and you will see something a little different.

 On Monday, July 18 2011, MODA joined with Metamix TV to produce the BRAND NEW weekly production of the MODA Fashion Primetime show.   MODA Fashion Primetime is a weekly runway fashion show, originally developed in collaboration with SLCN and TreetTV as MODA Fashion Spotlight.

Is it the same show? Not exactly. Metamix TV is a brand of its own, with a new style and fresh ideas. The MODA Fashion Primetime show will benefit from an infusion of vitality inspired by collaboration, and a host of changes that are certain to result in fresh new look for the MODA Productions team of talented models and producers.

There’s more! By reading this blog, you are among the first to find out even more good news: In addition to our new partners at Metamix TV,  Harlee Lane has an announcement of her own: Co-Host Raine McCellan has joined the MODA Production team as Co-Host of the MODA Fashion Primetime show.

With Host Harlee Lane and her NEW CO-HOST Raine McCellan, the MODA Productions modeling team continues to showcase the very finest in fashions from the most popular and talented designers in Second Life.

We have a lot to celebrate, and we are all looking forward to doing just that.  Meanwhile, have a sneak peek at Episode #1 of MODA Fashion Primetime on Metamix TV.