Aug 232011


Join our hosts Harlee Lane and Rain McCellan and the gorgeous men of MODA as the work the streets on the runway at The Mens 24 2011. The Mens 24 event takes place August 19th-27th from the creators of Menswear Fashion Week, Siren Productions. 24 talented and ambitious menswear designers are celebrating all things related to the men of Second Life. The Mens 24 event features some of the most popular and creative designers with limited edition exclusive outfits, skins, accessories, and hair.


Jan 172011

We can’t seem to get enough of this amazing designer. VelvetRhythms is back on stage at MODA with even more of her newest and best designs. Her living textures and fantastic popular designs both entertain and impress the MODA team.



Shopping at VelvetRhythms a unique experience with splashes of vibrant color all around making it fun and pleasing to the eye. There is so much so much to try on! If you’ve never visited VelvetRhythms you simply don’t know what you’ve been missing.

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May 052010
Shinichi Mathy, designer of Shiki Designs, began designing in the spring of 2008. At that time, there weren’t much variety of men’s clothing so he started a small men’s line. Women’s wear slowly came into his designing process as he became interested in that as well.

SHIKI Design is..Modern and stylish clothes that are hand-textured. Designs that are a fusion of Japanese and Hawaiian influence that result in stylish and modern clothing. Shinichi personally tries to create clothes that are unique and tries his best to put that certain something into every single item.

“a fusion of Japanese and Hawaiian influence”








The Shiki Design group requires a $100 one-time fee to join but the benefits are more than worth the price.  VIP members receive monthly gifts of clothing,  and high-quality accessories designed by Shinichi Mathy, creator of Shiki Design.  Members are also entitled to special discounts and have access to all exclusive events and sales. There is already a collection of over 20 high-quality gifts for VIP members.

Visit the SHIKI DESIGN main store to see what you’ve been missing!

Nov 092009

The Shiki brand tries to express the seasons through fashion. Shiki Design launched with a small collection of men’s wear in Spring 2008. Then launched a woman’s collection starting with Fall 2008.

Shinichi Mathy, the designer of Shiki Design, was born in Tokyo and raised in Hawaii. He once again moved back to Tokyo, where he is currently living. He tries to incorporate elements of his background, such as Japanese textures and patterns as well as the colors of the Hawaiian Islands.

Kimber Kassner
“Oriental Dream”
Ty Dharma
“The Blues”
“Leather Jacket”
Mia Sanchez
“Plaid Dress”
“Tokyo Night”

Mitchell Jungsten
“Notre Dame”
“Down Jacket”
Amariah Francis
“Suede Coat”
“Sheer Ecru”
Frito Lane
“Charcoal Sweater”
“Indigo Coat”
“Pumpkin Vneck”
Harlee Lane
Nyte Vargas
Modeling Coach
Lovis Timeless
Executive Producer
JuJudoll Dancer
Creative Director
Yxes Delacroix
Designer Liaison
Liane Maerten
Wardrobe Coordinator
Calveen Kline