Sep 062011

The edgy new designs of Tatanka Kaligawa demand an elaborate backdrop and the deserve the extra attention as they individually make a bold statement on the runway, so we took the fashions of Mea Culpa to a whole new metaverse on the [NV] MADworld sim. Brilliant colors and powerful lines breathe life into these ethnic inspired designs. The creations of Mea Culpa are nothing less than breathtaking works of art in motion.

Watch as Harlee and Raine interview Tatanka Kaligawa, creator of Mea Culpa and host your way through this entirely exciting new episode of the MODA Fashion Primetime Show on Metamix TV.

We would like to thank designer Tatanka Kaligawa for joining us live on this episode and another very special thank you to sim creator Isiss Bade for allowing us to share this beautiful place at [NV] MADworld with you. If you haven’t already, we invite you to visit this magical place for yourself and take some time to look around at this whimsical beautiful world

And while you’re shopping, you won’t want to miss the magic of Mea Culpa, where fashion is more than just the clothing you wear. The experience will lure you into a breathtaking new world of Haute Couture and high fashion.


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May 182011

Geryn Sloane is a veteran on the MODA Fashion Spotlight runway and we are so thrilled to have her back with us! Gorgeously chic formal gowns are G Sloane Couture’s cornerstone along with stunning cocktail dresses, but don’t forget to dress for the best with her casual wear, sportswear and exotic lingerie as well. Helene Diplomat and Harlee Lane are your hosts for this episode and they are just as excited to tell you all about what is new and just how to wear it.

Join the MODA Spotlight models as they bring us colorful breezy Spring/ Summer 2011 collection from the design house of Geryn Sloane of G Sloane Couture.

Show your feminine assets to the world wearing G Sloane Couture.   You can find out what’s new by visiting the G Sloane Couture website online.   You can visit the G Sloane Couture flagship store inside Second Life, and treat yourself to some wonderful new shoes, clothing and accessories for an introductory price of L$1.


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