Nov 302010

Kimber Kassner debuts as co-host with Harlee Lane for this evening’s episode of MODA Fashion Spotlight featuring a stunning fusion of formal activewear by Paris Zsun of Paris Metro.

Paris Metro can be described as apparel for a post modern world; a blend of high performance fabrics twisted into an evening gown “because we know you are beautiful and busy in every world.” Imagine a gown of surfwear or one merging leather and sheer nylon. Paris Metro is Exquisite high style with a uniqueness all its own.

Be sure to visit the Paris Metro store, which feels more like a magical art museum than a clothing store. While you’re there, take the time to wander outside the doors to a new carnival park, and ride the carousel in you new Paris Metro gown. Don’t forget to join the Paris Metro Update Group so you can receive free group gifts and get the very latest fashion updates.

Here’s another tip: Go the the third floor and check the designer’s desk. She usually has a suprise free gift waiting to be discovered.