Dec 132010

Since 2009 Poulet Koenkamp has been creating high quality fashions for her clothing line PurpleMoon Creations.  Her designs cover many areas, from glamour to avant garde, from casual to couture.  She skillfully draws upon them and is able to create timeless outfits, time after time after time.

Tell your eyes it’s true what they see, high quality and detailed creations at affordable prices

A delightful mix of designs, textures and concepts makes this fashion house a place where you would not only find a big variety of styles, it’s also a place where you can create yours.

PurpleMoon Creations provides women with the BEST fashion has to offer, and always at affordable prices.

You can find out what’s new on the PurpleMoon Creations Website, and visit PurpleMoon Creations main store to join the PurpleMoon Group so you can be the first to see new releases and receive free gifts for Purplemoon group members.