May 182011

Geryn Sloane is a veteran on the MODA Fashion Spotlight runway and we are so thrilled to have her back with us! Gorgeously chic formal gowns are G Sloane Couture’s cornerstone along with stunning cocktail dresses, but don’t forget to dress for the best with her casual wear, sportswear and exotic lingerie as well. Helene Diplomat and Harlee Lane are your hosts for this episode and they are just as excited to tell you all about what is new and just how to wear it.

Join the MODA Spotlight models as they bring us colorful breezy Spring/ Summer 2011 collection from the design house of Geryn Sloane of G Sloane Couture.

Show your feminine assets to the world wearing G Sloane Couture.   You can find out what’s new by visiting the G Sloane Couture website online.   You can visit the G Sloane Couture flagship store inside Second Life, and treat yourself to some wonderful new shoes, clothing and accessories for an introductory price of L$1.


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May 112011

Lovecat Thei enjoys creating different looks, from goth to punk, club looks to fantasy, neko and silks. She has expanded into neko skins, complete avatars, hair, mens clothing and even a small children’s section in her store, at LoveCats Store and Mall.

Watch now as the MODA Spotlight models adorn themselves with some of the loveliest rave-wear, silks and Neko gear as they turn the Spotlight runway into a very sexy catwalk.

You can see more of LoveCats by visiting the LoveCats Store and Mall in Second Life, and to find out what’s going on behind the scenes, have a look at the LoveCats website.

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Nov 302010

Kimber Kassner debuts as co-host with Harlee Lane for this evening’s episode of MODA Fashion Spotlight featuring a stunning fusion of formal activewear by Paris Zsun of Paris Metro.

Paris Metro can be described as apparel for a post modern world; a blend of high performance fabrics twisted into an evening gown “because we know you are beautiful and busy in every world.” Imagine a gown of surfwear or one merging leather and sheer nylon. Paris Metro is Exquisite high style with a uniqueness all its own.

Be sure to visit the Paris Metro store, which feels more like a magical art museum than a clothing store. While you’re there, take the time to wander outside the doors to a new carnival park, and ride the carousel in you new Paris Metro gown. Don’t forget to join the Paris Metro Update Group so you can receive free group gifts and get the very latest fashion updates.

Here’s another tip: Go the the third floor and check the designer’s desk. She usually has a suprise free gift waiting to be discovered.

Nov 242010

MODA Spotlight presents the lastest fashions of Adrianna Marquez, creator of A&K Designs. Established in 2006, A&K Designs was built from a simple dream of designing creations in this competitive pixelated world of fashion. Watch and you will see some delicious, frothy boudior confections, some goth-and-girly sexy wear, and a costume that will bring out your inner child.

At A&K Designs you will find a wide variety of styles, including footwear and costumes for both women and men, at fantastic prices.

You can see the latest updates by Adrianna Marquezon the A&K Designs Website, but you will want to visit the A&K Designs store to fully experience Adrianna’s work.  Remember to check out the costume room, which is filled with wonderful fashions from whimsical to formal, to the more daring and sexy.  While you are there, join the A&K Designs group for upcoming news, new releases and exclusive freebies.

Oct 272010

For this Halloween special, we’ve taken the spotlight on location to present some amazing and creative costumes A Touch of Ireland which is the brainchild of two creative and gifted designers – Meekal (pronounced MEEK-all) and AliciaKay Kilara, co-owners and partners and artists in and out of Second Life.  Joining the SL community exactly four years ago yesterday, AliciaKay and Meekal didn’t start out to design but like most people, found the challenge of creating in Second Life an enjoyable experience.

They started their first business in November 2006 when they created a line of Tee Shirts. To their surprise, the shirts sold.  AliciaKay started the Celtic Rebel line and Meek went with Tailor Quigley’s, both featuring Irish-themed outfits and costumes. From there they joined the shops to create A Touch of Ireland,  featuring Irish outfits, costumes, kilts and dresses.  They call it A Touch of Ireland so they can concentrate but not limit themselves to strictly Irish and Celtic themes.

As AliciaKay puts it, “Everything in SL amazes me. When I see what folks can do, it sends my brain into overdrive. I have over active imagination and I can’t make fast enough the things I’d like. Every idea sparks five more designs I want to make.”

By their own admission, Halloween is their favorite Holiday because it allows them both the maximum creativity to make different and unusual designs and costumes. Both Meekal and AliciaKay want to thank their loyal customers who have returned throughout the year for helping to make AA Touch of Ireland the success it is.  For the latest information on products and activities at Cork, visit the A Touch of Ireland blog, and have a look at all the fantastic avatar designs, visit A Touch of Ireland and see for yourself just how amazing these designers really are.