Aug 252011

Join us for this exciting episode of the MODA Fashion Primetime show and you will take a ride to to the sunny shores of Hawaii and beyond. Designer Shinichi Mathy of Shiki Designs has adorned our models in cool liquid fabrics with bold designs in brilliant Summer colors that make you feel alive!

Shiki Designs features fashions for men and for women that take you from the beach to the cocktail party in the styles that you deserve.

May 062011

Eshi Otawara, originally renowned for successfully producing the most expensive fashion item ever to auction in virtual worlds, reveals to us a very human aspect of her mysteriously artistic persona as she joins with Harlee Lane to help unfold some of untold stories behind her dramatically edgy designs.

Without question, each of these couture items is a work of art in motion, and the Spotlight team is proud to present them to you in high fashion style.


“I’m not shy to use color” says Eshi Otawara. That’s right, and for Eshi, even black is a color.

To find out more about this talented artist, please visit her website at You can visit her store in Second Life to purchase your own collection of Eshi Otawara’s very original couture collection.


Designers: To play this episode on your website, right-click on the player > copy embed code to clipboard. To play this episode in your store, get the URL here.

Nov 172010

MODA Spotlight Team shows off the realistic fantasy by wearing the very popular designs of Boudoir.  From Gothy chic to ballroom elegant to trashy frills, you can rest your eyes on some fashions that many of us can only wish to wear.

When they founded their fashion studio Boudoir in September 2001, the uniquely creative sisters Morana Saračević and Martina Čičko-Karapetrić became pioneers of the Croatian fashion scene, which has recently been attracting ever increasing attention of the wider public and the media. Their unique fashion signature of interweaving fabrics and an original play of volume have made them the most recognisable fashion brand in the country.

Under the same DNA code, Morana and Martina are evolving and reinterpreting from season to season their original ideas with a quite new imaginative vision that delights their public. They are never inspired by the work of other designers, trusting exclusively their own fashion postulates that uncompromisingly promote feminine beauty. Their collections represent true fairytales, with at times distinctly positive and at other times slightly darker inspirations, oscillating from graceful pastel-coloured fairies to subtle S&M messages that speak volumes about the essence of female power in dressing. Fluid richness of soft feathers meets dramatic tulle in a romantic marriage between many different layers of lace. Colour palettes vary from collection to collection; however, their liking for black and white is obvious, while the grey area in-between is made up of pastel shades.

After finishing the School for Applied Art and Design and graduating from the Faculty of Textile Technology in Zagreb, they enriched the Croatian fashion scene with their unique, recognisable brand. Their creations are distinguishable because they do not follow any trends but have a timeless, vintage style that celebrates a self-aware woman who is not afraid to experiment and loves fashion in the full sense of the word. Boudoir sisters have with time thrown away the sketch book and started developing their own modern, romantic expression with sexy elegance directly on fabrics, using diverse details made up of hand knitted lace put together in a patchwork and combined with luxury silk and satin ribbons.

Boudoir offers a delightful selection of not only the most exsquisite fashions, but also extraordinary accessories, hair, skin shoes and yet so much more. Visit Boudoir and dress yourself the way you’ve only dreamed of doing.  You can also enjoy the latest artistic designs on the Boudoir website, and find out more information about these talented fashion designers Morana Saračević and Martina Čičko-Karapetrić.

Oct 272010

For this Halloween special, we’ve taken the spotlight on location to present some amazing and creative costumes A Touch of Ireland which is the brainchild of two creative and gifted designers – Meekal (pronounced MEEK-all) and AliciaKay Kilara, co-owners and partners and artists in and out of Second Life.  Joining the SL community exactly four years ago yesterday, AliciaKay and Meekal didn’t start out to design but like most people, found the challenge of creating in Second Life an enjoyable experience.

They started their first business in November 2006 when they created a line of Tee Shirts. To their surprise, the shirts sold.  AliciaKay started the Celtic Rebel line and Meek went with Tailor Quigley’s, both featuring Irish-themed outfits and costumes. From there they joined the shops to create A Touch of Ireland,  featuring Irish outfits, costumes, kilts and dresses.  They call it A Touch of Ireland so they can concentrate but not limit themselves to strictly Irish and Celtic themes.

As AliciaKay puts it, “Everything in SL amazes me. When I see what folks can do, it sends my brain into overdrive. I have over active imagination and I can’t make fast enough the things I’d like. Every idea sparks five more designs I want to make.”

By their own admission, Halloween is their favorite Holiday because it allows them both the maximum creativity to make different and unusual designs and costumes. Both Meekal and AliciaKay want to thank their loyal customers who have returned throughout the year for helping to make AA Touch of Ireland the success it is.  For the latest information on products and activities at Cork, visit the A Touch of Ireland blog, and have a look at all the fantastic avatar designs, visit A Touch of Ireland and see for yourself just how amazing these designers really are.