May 182010

The MODA Fashion Spotlight of May 10, 2010 featured some incredible fashions from G Sloane Couture and Leslie Trebuchet is our featured Spotlight model.

Leslie Trebuchet_GSloane Cloud Nine inColor I was born on  January 26, 2007, graduated MODA modeling school later that year and became a MODA model  in 2008. I have also graduated AVENUE and EVANE modeling academies, and have other modeling experience, but MODA is home,

One of the things  I love about SL it the diversity!  Here, people can be what they imagine whether its a fairy, a dragon or a fashion model.

Second life is all about discovery, whether its beautiful new worlds, interesting people or new talents that you never realized that you had.

Perhaps the most fun aspect of being a model is meeting so many talented designers and discovering their work. It seems that there are designs for every taste and style and modeling gives me the opportunity to discover fashion and meet wonderful new people I would never find on my own. Leslie Trebuchet_GSloane Junior Prom

When I’m not modeling (or cleaning my inventory) I call a little trailer on Chamnamoo home.

May 052010
Shinichi Mathy, designer of Shiki Designs, began designing in the spring of 2008. At that time, there weren’t much variety of men’s clothing so he started a small men’s line. Women’s wear slowly came into his designing process as he became interested in that as well.

SHIKI Design is..Modern and stylish clothes that are hand-textured. Designs that are a fusion of Japanese and Hawaiian influence that result in stylish and modern clothing. Shinichi personally tries to create clothes that are unique and tries his best to put that certain something into every single item.

“a fusion of Japanese and Hawaiian influence”








The Shiki Design group requires a $100 one-time fee to join but the benefits are more than worth the price.  VIP members receive monthly gifts of clothing,  and high-quality accessories designed by Shinichi Mathy, creator of Shiki Design.  Members are also entitled to special discounts and have access to all exclusive events and sales. There is already a collection of over 20 high-quality gifts for VIP members.

Visit the SHIKI DESIGN main store to see what you’ve been missing!

May 022010

IndigoSky is the founder of EXQUISITE PIXELS which provides essential services such as image consulting, fashion styling and personal shopping. She loves blending her RL passion for fashion into SL where the sky is the limit when it comes to creativity, imagination and style.
IndigoSky recently appeared in the Costa Rica Sims Baiastice Spring Fashion Show and is a featured model for Janai Correia Designs.

The MODA Fashion Spotlight of April 26, 2010 featured some incredible fashions from Nymphetamine and IndigoSky was our featured Spotlight model.

Nymphetamine_IndioSkye Escape 2 IndigoSky dreams of the most romantic wedding in this exquisite VIVY white wedding gown. The simplicity in design and texture bring freshness to the world of wedding days.  It is the perfect white wedding dress, adorned with a simple satin bodice with optional ruffled bodice detail and full length tri-tiered layered ruffle skirts.Hair: Tatum Mood Brown
Jewelry: Pure Butterfly  Caithlin Carter Designs
Shoes: Zhao  Delilah White
The CREOLE LADY outfit in black and deep pink is hot and sweet and can be worn with or without its flirty ruffled skirt, which drapes tantalizingly over your booty.  It comes with sexy lace stockings and a matching top hat with a flashy hot pink bow and delicate lace dressing.Hair: Maitreya Amy Chocolate
Jewelry: Crystal Line grey heart necklace and earrings
Shoes: Adina Pink by Minx
Nymphetamine_IndioSkye Escape
Apr 282010
NYMPHETAMINE Boutique hit the grounds of Secondlife in 2005 and has been a strong staple of fashion for women grid wide ever since. NYMPHETAMINE specializes in unique ladies clothing and has proudly geared those designs at rounder more voluptuous figures. Owned and operated by Paeoti Pomeray, NYMPHETAMINE strives to provide not only unique excellence in attire, but with the help of Business Assistant Stacy Maracas and the NYMPHETAMINE Models. They go the extra mile to offer personal, quality customer service. The folks at NYMPHETAMINE cordially invite you to come and view the broad range of unique attire for your next occasion.


Apr 212010

Fantasy Faire 2010 is a 9-sim event featuring everything “fantasy” that Second Life can possibly imagine. From Vampire, to Fairy, to the beautiful mermaids, there seems to be a bit of something for every imaginable, or unimaginable lifestyle. As fundraisers go, Fantasy Faire is the most fantastic!

I went there specifically to visit the Mer Market sim, which is sponsored by Opal Lei of Mer Betta.  Yes, Opal is one of Spotlight’s most talented models, but she is also the creator of the most beautiful and original Mertails!   Mer Betta recently announced its “Series 5 tails” will be exclusive to this event until April 23rd, when it ends. Opal also created a beautiful tail just for Fantasy Faire 2010.

In addition to Mertails, Mer Betta is focusing on clothing for mermaid lovers.  Her Merkini and Bettakini sets are being released for the first time at Fantasy Faire 2010, and I had the pleasure of wearing one tonight.

I was looking for the perfect place to take a picture, which is not easy here.  This sim is full of beautiful backdrops. I was not having any success getting close to the mermaid statues  so I tried posing with the pelicans near the pond. After several attempts to balance on the rocks while focusing, I just could not seem to sit still.  i just needed to get in a little closer… adjust the lighting… move the prims aournd…

I was adjusting a pose when suddenly I looked around and saw only darkness. Once the haze lifted, I realized I had fallen into the pond and it was deeper than I thought! It was a store in a sea garden with jellyfish and sea horses frolicking in undersea flowerbeds lit by the reflecting moonlight. I forgot all about the mermaid statues and did my posing right here.

I am wearing the Mer Betta Merkini with the sculpted sarong option. This outfit comes with several layer options as well to make it more versatile than the average bikini. The colors and prims are modifiable, which I love! And to make it even better, this outfit is part of Mer Betta’s Relay For Life series.  This outfit is generously packaged with the Conch and Leather Bracelet and Armband set.

Please visit Fantasy Faire 2010 while you still can and be sure to have a look at Mer Betta.


I’ll see you there!

~ Juju ~