Jul 262011

The MODA Fashion Primetime models are wearing a little bit of everything this evening from fabulous costumes to wedding gowns, and lots of gorgeous tuxedos from fashion designer Greenie Lane, of G&T Creations. The ensembles include entire outfits with matching shoes and wonderfully detailed accessories.

G&T Creations is the store for the avatar that knows what class is. You can also see what’s new by visiting G&T Creations online.


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Jul 212011

Host Harlee Lane and her brand new Co-Host, Raine McCellan have a lot to say about the wonderful wardrobes the models are wearing. the designer for our very FIRST episode of the MODA Fashion Primetime show is Elettra Gausman of Orage Creations, one of the most POPULAR fashion designers in Second Life.

On the runway is a whole lot of amazingly, very real and seamless fabric and designs that are just to die for! Elettra’s designs are made of sequins, palettes and Jais in a wide variety of fashions from Haute Couture, formal and casual clothes and realistic limited editions skins. What we notice most is quality both in style and in design.

For a designer who is this talented with textures, it would only make sense to add a line of skins to the wardrobe. At Orage Creations you will find an entire line of truly beautiful and very real looking skins to compliment these amazing fashions. You can get the latest information on the Orage Creations website, and visit the Orage Creations store and try them on for yourself.

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Jul 192011

So, what’s really new at MODA?  Well, one look at the NEW  logo and you will see something a little different.

 On Monday, July 18 2011, MODA joined with Metamix TV to produce the BRAND NEW weekly production of the MODA Fashion Primetime show.   MODA Fashion Primetime is a weekly runway fashion show, originally developed in collaboration with SLCN and TreetTV as MODA Fashion Spotlight.

Is it the same show? Not exactly. Metamix TV is a brand of its own, with a new style and fresh ideas. The MODA Fashion Primetime show will benefit from an infusion of vitality inspired by collaboration, and a host of changes that are certain to result in fresh new look for the MODA Productions team of talented models and producers.

There’s more! By reading this blog, you are among the first to find out even more good news: In addition to our new partners at Metamix TV,  Harlee Lane has an announcement of her own: Co-Host Raine McCellan has joined the MODA Production team as Co-Host of the MODA Fashion Primetime show.

With Host Harlee Lane and her NEW CO-HOST Raine McCellan, the MODA Productions modeling team continues to showcase the very finest in fashions from the most popular and talented designers in Second Life.

We have a lot to celebrate, and we are all looking forward to doing just that.  Meanwhile, have a sneak peek at Episode #1 of MODA Fashion Primetime on Metamix TV.

Jul 122011

Recently, Treet.tv has made some changes internally that will effect producers, film crews, actors and even builders. Word got out, as it usually does, to the general public before it was officially announced. The buzz was less than delightful; Any buzz is good buzz though, right?  Anyway, so I’m here to tell you our side of the story. If you want the juicy details you should read Saffia Widdershins’ blog at Prim Perfect.  The story is all there, no fluff or funereal flowers, just the truth and the whole story. If you want to know MODA’s spin on the whole story, just read on.

I write a lot about raising the bar, creating change to challenge ourselves and daring others to do the same. For MODA, it’s always been about MODA making a change because change management is what we’ve become good at, So what happens when someone else makes a change for us?

MODA is a family of our own, with our own unique production challenges and our own internal teams to manage.  MODA is also part of a greater family making us as much “the created” as we are “the creators” of what we do and who we have become. We look to Treet.tv as both parents and Godparents of MODA Fashion Spotlight, and the team that keeps our episodes moving forward each week, so when Treet.tv announced they were making some big changes, we stood for a moment like deer stuck in headlights. We whined a bit and begged for mercy, but then we remembered all the things we’ve wanted to do to our show but couldn’t figure out how to explain them to the film crew, and implement them in a timely manner.  We started talking about how funny Helene is and how hard we laughed when Payton’s top wouldn’t stay on (sorry Payton, we know it wasn’t your fault) or when Yxes and I used to tease each other just before the show and we had to mute ourselves because we couldn’t stop laughing out loud. Because we streamed live from the camera we didn’t know how to share those moments with our viewers.

Losing the ability to stream our show live from the camera was what we believed made us unique, so we were a bit devastated at first. A closer look at the live viewership statistics actually reveals that the live stream audience is much smaller than our fan base who actually returns to view the show after it’s been already been aired. A disappointing reality, in addition to the fact that now EVERYONE is streaming live from the camera now, though not with the same quality, the entertainment value is still out there now, and it’s pretty much everywhere. What we do better than anyone else we know is stand-alone in what we do.  We value the highest quality in production and performance, and we entertain. Now we have this opportunity to expand our skills and knowledge, learn new techniques and use our creative talents to become unique once again, and all we have to do is be our silly selves.

So for the next few episodes of MODA Fashion Spotlight we will be working with a new film crew from Treet.tv and playing with new toys and probably laughing a whole lot more as we bloop and blunder behind the scenes. The show will be the same as always, still on the air at 7:30pm SLT every Monday night but instead of streaming raw film, we are rummaging through our old suggestion box and implementing some exciting ideas for a new look and a fresh feel. This is our chance to show our fans and viewers who we are behind the scenes and in front of the camera. We’re so excited we can hardly wait to see the final cut each week!

A big huge thank you to our parents and family at Treet.tv for giving us so many wonderful opportunities that make us who we are and for guiding us through all the changes we’ve had to endure to get where we are as a team. You’ve helped us build a stronger team and to become better leaders. Making changes always looks impossible at first so sorry for all the whining and poking back at you. We’re just being the children you need us to be experiencing yet another growing pain. You just wait; MODA is going to make you proud parents! If nothing else we know how to make you smile.

Jul 062011

For our 150th MODA Fashion spotlight episode, Host Harlee Lane and her talented Co-Host, Payton Heron present the beautiful fashions of Ranena Olivier Couture.

The spotlight models adorn the runway with everything from Evening Gowns to Casual Wear and a new must see grande addition of her new menswear line.  Have a peek at some of her very latest fashions right here on the MODA Fashion Spotlight show.

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