In September 2007, Licentious Maladay, a MODA Partner, introduced MODA Modeling School to the first Second Life Cable Television team. As a result, MODA produced the very first fashion show to be filmed and streamed live on the Internet, directly from Second Life. Thus was born the MODA Fashion Spotlight show, After 150 Episodes MODA Fashion Spotlight became the MODA Fashion Primetime Show on Metamix TV, where the Primetime modeling team films and streams live each  Monday night at 7:30pm SLT on

The models who work on the MODA Fashion Primetime team are unique in that their skills are infinitely sharper, quicker and more flexible than any other modeling team in Second Life. Spotlight models are builders, scripters, fashion designers, writers, and extremely talented stylists. Above all, they are dedicated team members and mentors in the Second Life fashion community. Training for the Primetime modeling team exceeds even what they learn at MODA Modeling School, in that the Primetime team is demanding. Primetime models work each week with large quantities of wardrobe requiring individual tailoring, styling, posing and walking for each item they model. MODA Fashion Primetime shows are never edited, so these models know they have only one chance to be perfect, and they are as close to perfect as fashion models can possibly be.


Our designers are challenged to show their most innovative designs using the MODA Spotlight Modeling team of stylists.  For designers interested in showing their work on the  MODA Spotlight.  Please go to the Designer Information Page for more information.


The MODA Fashion Primetime models have all graduated from MODA Modeling School, are participants in the fashion industry at large, and have been through extensive training with the MODA Fashion Primetime team in order to effectively work with the cameras, filming additional lag and technical issues associated with live machinima filming.  If you are interested in hiring a MODA model for your team, you may contact them individually, as they are all freelance models.  For those interested in a modeling career with MODA, you may be interested in attending MODA Modeling School as way way to jump start your career.


While most of our positions are promotions from within the MODA family, we do, occasionally find the need for assistance with writing, blogging, graphic design and photography.  Please visit our CAREERS page to see what we have to offer.