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MODA is proud to present to you the MODA Fashion Primetime Show as a fresh new way of marketing your fashions in SL and outside of SL.

The MODA Fashion Primetime Show is a 30-minute fashion show filmed live every Monday evening at 7:30pm SLT.

The MODA Fashion Primetime Show is quickly becoming the most popular show in Second Life. They are fast-paced and continuously in motion keeping fashion shoppers riveted to your fashion designs.

Once the show is completed, it is posted to our website at where it is hosted permanently.  Viewers can and do return to that site to view the episodes at a later date and time.

In addition to permanent hosting, our team will provide you with a link that you can use  in-world, as well as embed codes (when available) that you can post on your website so that customers can watch the video while they are shopping.  

Every week our PR staff invites all of Second Life to view your show as it is being filmed.  We advertise on our own blog, MODA Fashion SL.  which is linked to most major Second Life Fashion blogs, and has become a very popular read in recent years. Your MODA Fashion Primetime Episode  is cross-advertised with MODA,  giving you automatic exposure, wherever we go.  

***PLEASE***    If you have your own website or blog please link back to MODA Fashion SL and we will do the same for you.

The potential for further exposure of your brand is endless with a product like this!

NOTE:   If you are signed with a marketing agency who is not using the MODA Fashion Primetime show as a part of your marketing package, you may want to discuss this as a possibility.  MODA does not employ the use of prohibitive contracts, we simply provide a service that anyone can use. If this becomes an issue for you, we have RL/SL legal staff who will be happy to work with you and your “agent” on this issue.